Event: Literary Bad Boys with Samantha Ellis

samantha-ellis-at-the-books-that-built-meLiterary bad boys ….Who hasn’t fallen headlong for a romantic rotter in a book? Looking back, I can’t imagine how brusque, brutal Heathcliff got my pulses racing, much less see how Catherine could describe him as ‘more myself than I am’, but when I was reading it for A’level, none of my clean-cut boyfriends had a glimmer of Heathcliff’s Byronic glamour. In my early twenties, I had my share of Daniel Cleavers, a mistake I repeated more than once – such is the allure of the type. I spent far too much time longing for Captain Troy rather than Gabriel Oak and for Rhett Butler to spurn me with a ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn’ before finding my Darcy.

On Wednesday 9th November at 6.30pm, Samantha Ellis, author of How to be a Heroine, and I, will be talking about the appeal of the cad, from Rupert Campbell-Black to Rhett-Butler, and why we all eventually learn that a Colonel Brandon will love us much, much more than a Willoughby ever could.

Sam was one of my favourite Books That Built Me guests – How to be a Heroine is her memoir of re-reading all her favourite heroines from Catherine Earnshaw and Jane Eyre to Anne of Green Gables and Lolly Willowes, and ever since, I’ve been trying to tempt her back – I can’t wait to talk about the allure of the anti-hero…

The salon takes place in the beautiful surroundings of the Amanda Wakeley townhouse on Albermarle Street and tickets (£30) include a copy of Samantha Ellis’ brilliant book, How to Be a Heroine, a glass of Ayala Rosé Champagne and a goodybag. There is also an exclusive shopping discount for anything purchased from Amanda Wakeley on the evening.

Capacity is very limited (only twenty places), so I do recommend prompt booking. Tickets are available by clicking here or the button below.



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