Raffles, E.W Hornung

Raffles and his partner in crime, Bunny Manders are gentlemen thieves. Raffles is clever, raffish, has a set in the Albany and plays excellent cricket. By night they execute daring jewel robberies and live well and unrepentantly on the proceeds.

Hornung’s brother in law was Arthur Conan Doyle and in many respects Raffles and Bunny are an inversion of Holmes and Watson. They commit audacious crimes yet never quite act in a way unbecoming to gentlemen, maintaining their own moral code.

Anthony Quinn has chosen Raffles as one of his Books That Built Me: both Curtain Call and Freya, his two most recent novels, are both quite preoccupied by a bohemian, glamorous criminal underclass lurking underneath the polish of Mayfair society – I’m looking forward to exploring the connection.

Join me at the Café Royal on 12th April to discuss Raffles and other favourite novels with Anthony Quinn. Tickets are £30 (+eventbrite fees) and include a copy of Freya by Anthony Quinn, a glass of Bollinger, a treat from Prestat and a six month subscription to Tatler.

Download all the Raffles adventures on kindle  Here


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